A wad of convertible pesos (CUC). Photo: Hans Lucas via AFP

Cuba will unify its two currencies, the Cuban peso and convertible peso, as of January 1, ending a certain scheme that has existed for virtually three a protracted time, President Miguel Diaz-Canel said Thursday.
“We take into yarn the prerequisites met to sigh the birth up of this reform starting attach January 1, 2021, with a single alternate charge of 24 Cuban pesos for one greenback,” Diaz-Canel said on television, alongside Raul Castro, the nation’s former president and Communist Celebration leader.
The reform, which had been launched years previously and once more and once more postponed, is meant to form the Cuban economy extra accessible to international traders at a time when the coronavirus pandemic has slice attend off noteworthy-vital tourism dollars.
The go “will attach the nation in the next condition for vital transformations for updating our financial model,” he added, nonetheless warned it’s no longer “the magic acknowledge to all issues.” 
Diaz-Canel acknowledged forex reform became once “one amongst basically the most complex duties” facing the nation, as it is buffeted by headwinds from a strengthening US embargo, the COVID-19 pandemic, and a international financial crisis.
The go, postponed for years as authorities waited for the finest time to form the commerce, comes as…

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