Superintendent of Public Health, Charmaine Gauci. Photo: Mark Zammit Cordina

Folks planning a family dinner over Christmas must handiest attain so with their possess family, the Superintendent of Public health has instructed.
Whereas there are no restrictions within the country against gatherings in private houses, Charmaine Gauci instructed folks to now not ask others spherical to gain an most appealing time.
“I attraction to those that are planning a family dinner, please dwell along with your possess family,” she said for the duration of her weekly briefing. 
“In case you invite folks exterior of your family, there’s a possibility of transmission. At a table it is difficult to protect social distance, and at a meal you will possess away your conceal, and if there’s alcohol it will be extra troublesome to proceed following the measures.”

She warned folks against thinking that a detrimental COVID-19 test manner they may be able to meet guests and family. 
“This shall be a atrocious mentality. When one does a swab test, there are instances that the actual particular person doesn’t gain sufficient microbes for the test to protect up and within the occasion that they are carrying the virus they build others at possibility,” she said.
What’s Malta’s fee of infection?
Gauci’s warning came despite Malta seeing a drop within the series of new cases, with a seven-day transferring sensible of 98. On Friday,  96 new cases were…

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